Brightening the Path to Education: Adelanto Elementary School District


By Nolan P. Smith

(Adelanto)— Education is always a hot button issue. But with the Adelanto Elementary School District, it is nothing but positives resonating from their schools, and with what the future holds.

The district currently boasts 12 schools, with a STEM school coming this fall, and another school set to open the year after.

AESD Superintendent Dr. Lily Matos DeBlieux came to the district a little over one year ago, and in that one year, the district has accomplished so much to be proud of. “It’s been a phenomenal experience, and when we look back, we have accomplished so much,” said DeBlieux in an interview with High Desert Daily. “When I got here, there was no curriculum department. Benchmarks had been eliminated, we now have them in pace. We have sent teacher teams to PLC and CCSS training and principals to the ACSA Academy.

DeBlieux spoke about the training, which is more of a learning community than training, and aims to make best practices known to staff all around the district. “Professional learning communities, where teachers get together at least once a week, collaborate, look at students data, and decide what can we do to help students achieve and improve. That has been a huge initiative. I have the principals, and five teachers from each site go to training. It’s a complete year. That is going to make a tremendous difference in the school district, and we are doing that with the county.”

The training, as DeBlieux mentioned, is not only for the teachers in the district, but extends to employees at every level, especially when it comes to the new Common Core Standards. Pivot came in and over 100 teachers came out to be trained in the Common Core State Standards last July. What we have done, since we built the Curriculum department, is provide training to teachers and staff members.  Classified personnel are also part of the training.  Everybody in the school district is very, very important, and it doesn’t matter what position you have, we are all in it for the students.”

Having staff trained properly is extremely important, but so is the involvement of parents. DeBlieux knows exactly how important it is to have parents involved in their children’s education. “Parental involvement and community involvement. That’s huge, you really have to have the support of the parents and the support of the community. For parents, we started the Parent Institute for Quality Education. Last year we graduated 378 parents, it was absolutely phenomenal. What it does is really empower the parents to work towards the betterment of their children, it helps them navigate the educational system, gives them tips and ideas on what they can do at home to help their child. But not only that, the self-esteem of the parents was incredible because of all the knowledge they gained. So I have partnered with a few community people, and we have offered nutrition classes for parents, full house, we graduated 94 last week. We had 94 people in our very first class. PIQE is now in all 12 sites. I also brought in the 12 Powers by Chico Garza, which again is family orientation, and people just love it. We started Saturday school, and lots more.”

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