Keeping The Faith Through It All

Despite facing extraordinary circumstances, the Sainz family keeps faith above anything in their lives.

Despite facing extraordinary circumstances, the Sainz family keeps faith above anything in their lives.

By Nolan P. Smith

High Desert Daily

(San Bernardino)—The birth of a child is supposed to be one of the brightest moments in one’s life. It is the ultimate blessing, and for Teresa and Manuel Sainz, it started off just like that. But once their newborn son was born, the unexpected began to happen, and the happiest time in their life turned into the scariest, as Teresa hangs on to the one thing she can: faith.

Teresa Sainz, San Bernardino resident, gave birth to her son in February, a seeming ordinary procedure. It’s what happened following the birth that has shaken the family to their core. “I wasn’t due to have my son until February 7th,  but I was feeling really sick. I woke up at 3 o clock in the morning on January 13th, and for three or four hours I was throwing up nothing but bile,” said Teresa.  “So I told my husband that I need to go in, something isn’t right. So he took me to the hospital, and right away they put IV’s and checked my blood pressure. They said that I was dehydrated, the doctor came in and checked me and saw that I was contracting and said, today your son is going to be born.”

Teresa had the paperwork all set for the tubal ligation procedure immediately after the C-section birth, and everything was going as planned, as Teresa explained. “They take me in to take the baby out, everything seems to be going good, they take my son out. They went to go down to start tying my tubes and they said they had problems; during this time I was losing a lot of blood. So they cut pieces of my tube off and said they had to send it to pathology because they saw white stuff all over.”

The doctors went forward with the procedure after sending a sample to pathology. It was days later when the Sainz family would learn what exactly was going on. “So two days after my son was born, my husband was getting ready to walk out to get my clothes from the car, and I can’t remember whether it was between 4-6 doctors came walking in to my room to tell me that they unfortunately have found cancer,” said Sainz. “They said that it was in my reproduction area and that I was probably going to need to have a full hysterectomy. So at that point, I said “ok” as I was taking it in, not panicking, not crying or anything. It was a shock to hear what they are telling me. They said they wanted to run some tests, they needed to keep me. The hardest thing for me, still is, was to have to call my mom and tell her what they told me.”

So Teresa stayed for more tests, waiting to see what it all means, and with more tests came more complicated answers. “So they did a CAT Scan, and saw that the cancer was in my stomach, its in my reproduction area, and it didn’t look very good. But they can’t give you all of your results right then and there because they have to do more testing. So they released me to go home and set appointments for me to go back. Three or four weeks later, they told me that the cancer originated in my stomach and that my stomach was three quarters blocked. They said February 19th, they would be able to tell me what stage cancer I was at and what treatments they would like me to do. So February 19th came, my husband and I went together, and they said that basically I was at stage four. That I had a choice that if I decided to do Chemo, that I could prolong my life for a year and a half. If I chose not to do any treatments, that I have 3-4 months. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t disrespect the doctor, I just listened to what they said, I told my husband I want to go home, then I told him I want to go somewhere else. At home I am doing different things, I am feeling better. I really truly feel in my heart that the lord is healing me. He’s working and he’s doing something, that is why its taking time for me to be seen by another doctor.”

Young Manuel Sainz Jr. Is the blessing that keeps Manuel and Teresa hopeful they will beat cancer.

Young Manuel Sainz Jr. Is the blessing that keeps Manuel and Teresa hopeful they will beat cancer.

Teresa is scheduled to go to a primary physician at Kaiser Permanente to get referred to an Oncologist. The shock of going in to the hospital to give birth, only to be given the news of cancer shocked everyone, especially Teresa’s family.

“My family has been devastated. They are having a really, really hard time with coming to terms with it. Everybody sees that when doctors say “this is what’s wrong with your body”, they take that, they run with it. That’s what they’re saying so that’s the way it is. And it’s like “No, my God is telling me that I am going to be ok, I am going to be healed. I hang on to that. I don’t hang on to what man tells me, I hang on to what God tells me. That’s how I am holding on, that’s how I am getting through. “

It is Teresa’s amazingly strong faith that has kept her going through this ordeal. Her faith is unwavering, even at the bleakest of times. With her faith comes the support of not only her family and friends, but the community as a whole. Humanity has come together to show their compassion and support in the Sainz family time of need.

“It amazes you, it’s like people come out of the wood works. You don’t realize how much people care about you, how much people love you, and then this happens, and its just an outpouring of blessings. You see the Lord, shinning as ever, through people, and it may not be money, it may just be encouraging words.”

Teresa’s sister in law started up an IndieGoGo campaign to help the family during this incredibly hard time. Manuel, Teresa’s husband, is the full time financial support of their family, and has taken a leave of absence as he cares for their two children during this time. “I had no idea it was set up until I went on Facebook and saw it. I went on and read everything and I was just crying.”

Sainz also said she was thankful Gregory Holguin and Kati Villalpando for helping her create the fundraising page.

“My sister in law is the one who set it up, so I asked my husband if he saw what his sister set up, he said no, and I said he needs to go on there and see it.  So I call my mom, my mom has been right there with me, she has been a godsend, I called and read it to her, and we are both crying on the phone.”

If you would like to help the Sainz family, please visit the IndieGoGo Campaign page for Teresa at–2.

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