Feds OK Even Playing Field For Spring Valley Lake


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Following lengthy efforts by San Bernardino County, federal officials have lifted a rule requiring future homes in Spring Valley Lake to be built one foot higher than existing homes, 1st District Supervisor Robert Lovingood announced.

The breakthrough will save on construction costs and avoid an unsightly and inconsistent mishmash of homes at different levels.

“I want to thank County Public Works Director Gerry Newcomb and his team for their work on this issue in Spring Valley Lake,” Lovingood said. “This is an example of government working together to make things right.”

Victorville Architect Robert Martinez said the additional height requirement would have meant adding four to six steps at every entry to a home he is designing in Spring Valley Lake. The requirement, he said, stalled the construction project by about a year and a half.

“I appreciate everything Robert Lovingood has done for us,” Martinez said. “He’s been a great advocate for the cause.”

In August of 2008, FEMA remapped most of the Spring Valley Lake Area in a floodplain because the community was shown to be protected by a levee that had not been certified to meet FEMA’s standards. This triggered a requirement in the County Development Code requiring building pads to be elevated one foot from the highest adjacent ground.

This was problematic in the Spring Valley Lake area which had over 200 unimproved residential lots graded with elevations based on existing street elevations and could potentially cause individuals wanting to build on these lots thousands of dollars.  The issue was brought to the Flood Control District’s attention by Supervisor Lovingood.

The Flood Control District hired an engineering firm, HDR Inc., to analyze the levee in order to demonstrate that the Spring Valley Lake area should not be in a floodplain. FEMA has approved the removal of the floodplain designation and has issued new maps that reflect the change.  This will be a relief to everyone planning to build in the Spring Valley Lake area.  The County Land Uses Services began using the new maps on Monday, April 21, 2014.

For further information please contact Land Use Services Building and Safety Division at (909) 387- 8311.

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