Gus Franklin Jr. Stem Academy To Offer Open Enrollment This Saturday


By Staff Reports

(Adelanto)– Adelanto Elementary School District (AESD) welcomes its newest school in Gus Franklin Jr. STEM Academy which this Saturday April 5 will offer open enrollment from 9 am to 2 pm to students and parents interested.

Gus Franklin Jr. STEM Academy will have a focus in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). There will be times where students will be using hands-on activities in order to discover and learn new STEM initiatives.

While STEM is a curriculum focus, it will also serve to prepare students to be good citizens with a rich background in intellectual language in all subject areas. Students will have numerous opportunities to read, write and speak throughout the school day. “I am excited that I will be able to help influence change towards 21st Century Learning.  What a great opportunity to work with children from an early age to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) opportunities from as early as Kindergarten,” Principal Mina Blazy said.

Students at this new academy will be challenged to employ critical thinking methods to work in a team environment. “As a school we will work together in understanding the STEM Curriculum and move to understand how to implement the Common Core State Standards effectively.  The first year will be learning for everyone.  As a group we will be able to empower and encourage each other through trial and error.  We will work together to have a joint school vision and mission that is student focused and meets the needs of all stakeholders.”

Enrollment will continue on Monday, April 7, 2014 from 9 am – Noon. A waiting list will be kept thereafter for future available openings. “Gus Franklin Jr. will offer students and parents preparation for careers in the 21st century. Many of the careers of the future are related to science, math and real-life experience, this is exactly what we will be offering at this academy,” said Peter Livingston, Director of Child Welfare and Attendance for AESD.

Gus Franklin Jr. has no boundaries for learning. With a high focus on reading, writing and speaking in all content areas where students are encouraged to not just think outside the box but remove the box from learning.

Students will be empowered to think critically by asking questions and working towards answers for tomorrows’ skills. “I want teachers, staff and parents to know that I am a listener and extremely supportive.  I have an open door policy.  As a school community we must focus on student needs.  As we value the needs of the students at Gus Franklin, Jr. I envision a positive environment for everyone.   I believe we should all be present and in the moment when considering outcomes and learning objectives for students.   When we put students first there will be nothing to stop us from becoming a school that is recognized as outstanding,” Blazy said.

Core values for Gus Franklin Jr. STEM Academy:

• Students will have the desire to learn.

• Parents will participate by being a positive role model
• Parents will be actively involved.

• Parents will empower students to develop positive values, students will develop the Six Pillars of character.

• As a school we will plan together for a better future for our children.

The Gus Franklin Jr. STEM Academy campus is located at 13125 Hopland St., Victorville, CA 92394. 760-246-8691 x22150

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