Lori Lamson Named Apple Valley Assistant Town Manager

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By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– From protecting wildlife habitat to ensuring housing options for all income levels, Lori Lamson has had a big impact on life in Apple Valley. These, and other projects, are just a few reasons why she recently assumed the role of Assistant Town Manager of Community and Development Services.

“Ms. Lamson has earned this promotion due to the outstanding performance in her current position, technical expertise, creative management style and desire to take on additional responsibility,” explained Town Manager Frank Robinson.

An employee for the Town since December 2004, Lamson has served as the Principal Planner, Assistant Director of Community Development and, most recently, Community Development Director prior to receiving her promotion to Assistant Town Manager.

“After witnessing the traditional conflict that Planning and Economic Development have in so many other agencies, I can attest that the success Apple Valley has benefitted from the entire development services team being under the Economic and Community Development leadership,” said Lamson. “I look forward to upholding this tradition and playing a role in the continued success of this Town.”

During her tenure, she has worked with staff to complete the first Climate Action Plan, as well as the first comprehensive General Plan Update and Development Code Update since the Town’s incorporation in 1988.

Before the economic downturn, Lamson played a key role in developing nearly 3 million-square-feet of commercial and retail space. She has also worked with staff to complete the North Apple Valley Industrial Specific Plan and lead the completion of several residential development plans.

“Since the downturn of the economy, we have been focused on creating ways to encourage steady, positive development while preparing for the market to thrive again,” said Lamson. “One project that I am passionate about is the Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan. With the approval of this plan, the Town can control its destiny by conserving desert habitat while still allowing for responsible development.”

Under Lamson’s direction, the Town has received a grant to complete the plan and is working with state and federal agencies to obtain final approval.

Lamson holds a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal Poly Pomona and a Master of Public Administration from Cal State University, Long Beach. Prior to working in Apple Valley, she held positions I the cities of Covina, San Marino, Tustin and Loma Linda.

She and her husband, Ben, have two children 5 years and 5 months. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and is an accomplished jewelry artisan.

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