Real-time Flow Meter Technology to Provide Reliability and Accessibility for Member Agencies

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By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) and the Member Agencies will now have reliable and accurate flow data, accessible to them anytime, anywhere using a web browser. ADS Environmental Services will manufacture, install, maintain and monitor flow meters from Member Agencies. This valuable and up-to-date information will improve fiscal management, billing data, and preventive maintenance.

VVWRA has entered into a 5 year professional service contract with ADS Environmental Services, which will employ FlowShark™ technology. Flow monitoring will now occur every 15 minutes, as compared to 2-3 times annually for a 2 week period (per member agency). This will greatly increase the accuracy of flow data; information will be uploaded every 24 hours to ADS’s IntelliServe web-hosted system where depth and velocity data will be reviewed daily.

VVWRA chose ADS Environmental for their comprehensive ISO 9001 services, certified for nineteen consecutive years. Additionally, their equipment is the only product available that has undergone the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Technology Verification process. Entities such as the City of Los Angeles were able to reduce their interceptor Capital Improvement Program by $498 million dollars; VVWRA is hopeful a similar cost savings will occur after several years of data collection.

ADS Environmental provides superior flow-monitoring service and equipment, and has come highly recommended by the VVWRA Engineering Committee for a number of reasons. They use Smart Logic which provides a crisp signal quality; this is crucial to accurate flow monitoring as signals can be distorted due to the harsh conditions in sewer pipes. Smart Alarming notifies authorized users of an alarm condition in real time, through one of two ways; Depth Alarms prevent overflows with time to respond while Loss of Flow Alarms alert users to breaks or plugging of lines. This award-winning Intelliserve software monitors flow patterns, automatically setting a threshold. Additionally, Interactive Graphing Displays allow a user to view real-time or historical data which can be easily customized and exported for use in reports and other documents.

The Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority is a public agency that is equally governed by officials from its member agencies, which include Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, Oro Grande and Spring Valley Lake. The agency’s award-winning Resource Recovery Facility is located in Victorville.

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