Red Cross Visits Columbia Magnet School for CPR and First Aid Training

Photos courtesy AESD

Photos courtesy AESD

By Staff Reports

(Adelanto)– Recently, students from Columbia International Science, Math, and Technology Magnet School were visited by members of the local Red Cross chapter for training in CPR and First Aid techniques.

The visit marked the first time in Adelanto that the local Red Cross instructed this type of training to middle school students.

The training was offered to Ms. Ceronne Christie’s Red Cross Club and it offered real-life environments designed to educate and help students recognize situations of life and death. “Columbia students are competitive and driven, but like many middle school students are dealing with a lot, and frankly they are striving to be in control of some aspect of their lives, therefore training them in CPR and First Aid gives them a sense of responsibility, control and increased confidence. Many of our students live with parents or guardians who are sometimes ill, and now they are better equipped to handle or support in certain emergencies,” said Ms. Christie.

Photos courtesy AESD

Photos courtesy AESD

The visit by the Red Cross professionals impacted Columbia students in such a profound way that, according to Christie, the school registered record numbers in students wanting to sign up for the Red Cross Club and the school safety program. “Students are more attentive to instruction and responsive, in that; they are very quick to volunteer for school or community activities involving helping people. They are also asking how they can go about getting their family members and friends trained,” added Christie who was one of ten finalists for the 2014 California League of Middle Schools Teacher of the Year award.

Meredith Mills, Regional Communications Director for the American Red Cross, explained that the event was very effective to give students the confidence and respond correctly in cases of emergency. “American Red Cross CPR and First Aid training serves to empower students in multiple ways.  Not only do youth gain the knowledge and skills needed to react properly in emergency situations, but they also gain the confidence that comes with having a lifesaving skill set shared by few of their peers.”

Christie concluded that this initial training could be the precursor to offering more students life-saving knowledge. “It would be great to have more students throughout the district trained in CPR and First Aid; after all, emergencies can happen anywhere; and trainings make students more attentive to directions, as well as helping to decrease the fear response in an emergency. We look forward to training even more students next year, and it will be great to see some of this year’s students train the newcomers next year.”

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