District Attorney Mike Ramos Releases Statement on National Peace Officers Memorial Day


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– In 1962, President John F. Kennedy designated May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day. The annual event is an opportunity to honor those officers who have given their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.

District Attorney Mike Ramos released the following statement in observance of National Peace Officers Memorial Day:

“Every day I think about the sacrifices that our law enforcement officers make to protect us. They risk their lives and put their personal safety at risk to make sure that our communities are safe. As District Attorney, I have been blessed to work with these heroes on a daily basis. I have witnessed firsthand the dedicated efforts that go into not only ensuring our personal security and protecting our families, but the tireless work that enables our prosecutors to effectively do their job in the courtroom.

“Unfortunately, last year our county laid to rest Detective Jeremiah MacKay, who selflessly put his life on the line while performing his duties as a San Bernardino County Sheriff. Make no mistake: When a life is lost, it affects us all. His brave actions will forever be remembered, as will all of those across the nation who were injured or lost their lives protecting us.

“As District Attorney it is vital that we continue to protect those committed to keeping our neighborhoods safe. Since May 2013, when we first created our Crimes Against Peace Officers Prosecution Unit, our office has filed over 2,300 cases. Of these crimes, 597 were felonies involving physical violence against an officer, use of a weapon on an officer, or threats to kill or injure an officer.

“Criminals who assault peace officers represent a threat not only to the officer, but also to the safety of the entire community, and to the very foundation of our criminal justice system.

“Today, on National Law Enforcement Day, as we take pause to remember and honor those officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, it’s an appropriate time to also recognize the dedicated work of every member of law enforcement who has put his or her life on the line. Let’s not wait until we lose one of our officers to recognize their work and say thank you.”

High Profile Cases

  • Jose Gomez (Case # FSB1302024): The defendant is charged in connection with the death of a 33-year-old man following a carjacking in Yucca Valley. After committing the alleged murder, the defendant and his partner–who later died during a shootout –led law enforcement on a car chase to San Bernardino, where they got into a gun battle with officers. A California Highway Patrol officer suffered a gunshot wound during the shootout. (See attached copy of the complaint.)
  • Christopher Marquez and Anthony Gomez (Case # FSB1301863): Both defendants are registered gang members charged in connection with the attempted murder of an off-duty State Correctional Officer who was shot multiple times at a Colton gas station. (See attached copy of the complaint.)

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