E3 Expo 2014 Wows Southern California and the World


By Nolan P. Smith
Photos by Nolan P. Smith and Jason T. Smith

(Victor Valley)– This week, Los Angeles was once again taken over by the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as the E3 Expo. The E3 Expo is the main stage for companies to show off the newest video game, hardware, controllers, you name it, it’s there. Massive booths, live DJ’s, larger than life characters: it is what many come to expect from the hallmark convention for video games.
Of course, one of the main draws every year are all the new titles shown off for the home gaming systems such as the PlayStation 4, X-Box One, and the Nintendo Wii U. This year was no exception, as titles were announced and shown off that left gamers clamoring for their release. Nintendo wowed the crowd this year with the reveal of a new Legend of Zelda video game for the Wii U. A breathtaking visual was shown as it shows off the open world playability of one of Nintendo’s flagship titles. Super Smash Bros for the Wii U was another main draw for Nintendo, the unique fighting game showcases Nintendo legends such as Mario and Luigi, as well other classic characters such as Mega Man and the beloved icon from the 70s, Pac-Man.
Microsoft also went with one of their flagship characters as they announced the Halo: Master Chief Collection for the X-Box One. The collection contains the first four titles of the Halo franchise, all redone to match the HD graphics of today. Another reveal for Microsoft was the debut of season two of their fighting game, Killer Instinct. A new fighter was shown, TJ combo, the boxer from the original Killer Instinct games, will now be a part of the fight on the X-Box One.
Sony was on fire as well, as titles were revealed for their next gen system, the PlayStation 4. The Order 1886, which was delayed until next year, showed spectacular visuals of a dark, gloomy world field with werewolves and other danger around every corner. Little Big Planet 3 was also announced to the delight of gamers everywhere, as the create your own game franchise fires back on all cylinders. Also announced was Uncharted 4, the latest installment of the Uncharted franchise, which was a mainstay for the PlayStation 3 console.
New entries for multi format games were also announced and shown, including the newest installment to the Assassins Creed franchise, Assassins Creed Unity. Another franchise making a comeback next year is the gory fighter, Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat X was shown, which shows the debut of the fighter on the next gen consoles. Battlefield announced it’s newest installment, Battlefield- Hardline, which takes the military shooter into the war on the streets as a member of the police force.
Gamers from a cross the globe flocked to Los Angeles for the expo, and they were not disappointed. With titles to match any gamers needs and wants, there was something for everyone at the E3 Expo 2014. For more information on the E3 Expo, visit them online at www.e3expo.com.

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