Maintaining Joy During Challenges


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Being happy is easy when life is going well; but what about when circumstances spin out of control and bad things seem to be happening one right after another.

We all have times when we feel that we just can’t get out from under the storm clouds. How can you keep perspective and stay happy during the tough times?

It’s been said time and time again that ‘When the going gets tough the tough get going’ — but some people find that much easier to simply say, than do.

Positive attitudes can help, as can knowing that there is a higher power, a collective energy or a universal force helping to guide and manage our lives. Keeping this in mind can help us to know that these hard times are only temporary challenges and they will soon pass.

This deep acceptance of faith is called joy; and hard times simply can’t compete with pure joy.

We may not understand why bad things happen to good people, but we know that they do happen and always will. Bad things happen to bad people too, just as good things happen to good people.

It’s just the way it is. If we can simply accept that we can’t know certain things but instead need to practice grace, this will help us get through life here during painful, stressful and difficult times.

Try to look at everything as a lesson, part of a divine plan and as an opportunity to grow and learn. Find joy in the simple pleasures in life and don’t let the circumstances of the day (or week) get you down. There is wisdom in the sound advice: Stop. Smell the roses. And, remember to breathe.

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