Cash for Grass Program Reaches Milestone

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(Apple Valley)– High Desert residents continue to embrace water conservation as a way of life. The Mojave Water Agency (MWA) and the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation (AWAC), have announced that a total of 6.5 million square-feet of turf has been removed since 2008 thanks to the Cash for Grass Program. This has resulted in a cumulative savings of 4,855 acre-feet of water that has helped drought-proof the High Desert region.

The program currently offers 50 cents per square foot for turf removed with a maximum of 6,000 square-feet for residential projects and up to 20,000 square-feet for commercial and industrial projects.

Beverly Lowry, MWA Board President, said the latest program results are an example of the region’s commitment to water conservation.


“High Desert residents should be proud of their accomplishment,” Lowry said. “As the State considers mandatory water use restrictions, here in the desert we continue to embrace conservation as a way of life. I am proud of this program and the work of AWAC, MWA, and our citizens.”

In addition to the Cash for Grass program, MWA and AWAC have promoted water saving programs with rebates for the replacement of high water use shower heads and toilets with low-flow models. Education campaigns have focused on transitioning to water-efficient irrigation, and using pool covers to reduce evaporation, choosing drought-resistant trees and plants for gardens and landscapes, and checking for water leaks in irrigation and home faucets to reduce water usage. Through a series of radio, print advertising, bill stuffers, and social media, residents also are urged to change their personal habits such as taking shorter showers and limiting the use of water while preparing meals, etc.

While water conservation is an important component in MWA’s water portfolio, other methods are used to ensure a sustainable water supply.  The Agency employs a strategic water recharge program storing water in underground aquifers, purchases available water rights, and constructs key infrastructure such as wells, pump stations, and pipelines.

Residents interested in participating in the Cash for Grass program or desire more information on water conservation should contact their local water provider or call the Mojave Water Agency at (760) 946-7000.

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