James Stastny Named Apple Valley Employee of the Quarter

Jim Stastny 14-07By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– People who work nine to 11 hours a day often think of the office as their second home. Naturally, they want that home to be a comfortable, clean space filled with friendly faces. Fortunately, for the Town of Apple Valley, employees like Custodian James Stastny provide exactly that.

“Jim is a respected and valuable member of the Town’s team and he can be counted on to ensure that our jobs are easier,” said Parks and Recreation Manager Ralph Wright, who oversees the Facilities Division. “He consistently performs his responsibilities at an extremely high level with very little supervision.”

James was honored for his hard work and dedication at this week’s Town Council meeting where he was named Employee of the Quarter.

Stastny’s responsibilities include all cleaning duties in his assigned building, minor maintenance, room set-ups for meetings and classes, and completing special requests from staff. What is more impressive is his perfect attendance record. In his six years of employment, he has never taken a sick day.

“Jim is an exceptional guy and a great town employee,” said Brett Morgan, Senior Construction Inspector. “I asked him one time if he would mind wiping down my desk if he had the time. He not only cleaned up my desk, but moved all of my paperwork, cleaned the entire surface, and then put everything back exactly like it was before. While I never saw him do this, he made it part of his regular routine.”

Stastny considers providing his peers a clean work environment  his part of a group effort to serve the community.

“I get a lot of personal satisfaction from this job because I can instantly see the result of what I do,” said Stastny. “The people I work with are really good to me and knowing that I was nominated to be recognized for this honor by my peers is really exciting.”

The Town of Apple Valley recognizes one employee per quarter for outstanding job performance. Nominations are submitted by peers or management and honorees are selected by a committee.

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