Cash for Grass Program Making a Difference

Green Scene August 2014

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– Cash for Grass has made great strides toward drought-proofing the High Desert.

The Mojave Water Agency and the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation has announced that the Cash for Grass program, which began in 2008, has reached a milestone.

According to the MWA, the pro-gram has resulted in 6.5 million square feet of turf being removed, resulting in a cumulative savings of 4,855 acre-feet of water.

MWA Board President Beverly Lowry said that the latest program results are an example of the region’s commitment to water conservation.

“High Desert residents should be proud of their accomplishment,” Lowry said in a recent statement. “As the state considers mandatory water use restrictions, here in the desert we continue to embrace conservation as a way of life. I am proud of this pro-gram and the work of AWAC, MWA and our citizens.”

“Here in Victorville alone, hundreds of residents have taken advantage of the program, helping to save our most precious resource while also beautify-ing their homes and saving themselves money,” said Donna McCormick, Water Conservation Supervisor.

The Cash for Grass program cur-rently offers 50 cents per square foot for turf removal with a maximum of 6,000 square feet for residential pro-jects and up to 20,000 square feet for commercial and industrial projects.

Victorville residents interested in participating in the Cash for Grass program can call for the required pre-inspection at 1-866-955-4426. Water conservation specialists are also avail-able to answer questions and assist with your other conservations needs.

Residents from other High Desert cities should contact their local water provider for more information.

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