Elixir of the Gods: Wake Up and Smell the Perks


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Enjoying a cup of coffee has become such a regular part of our morning routines that most of us feel as if our lives—or at least our daily rituals—depend on it. As it turns out, coffee drinkers are not only getting their morning started with coffee; they might actually benefit from health perks it provides.

Men’s Fitness recently tabulated reasons we should continue to drink our morning brew. According to the magazine, several cups a day could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life, or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease-related death. The magazine also cited a group of Harvard researchers who found that coffee drinkers had less chance of developing Type 2 diabetes; other researchers have documented a correlation between coffee drinking and pain reduction and weight loss.

Separately, a recent study on the same topic—involving more than 400,000 people—was jointly conducted by the National Institutes of Health and AARP, Inc. Male participants drinking even just one daily cup of coffee reduced their risk of death by six percent; drinking two to three cups or more reduced the risk by 10 percent.

One man with a keen interest in such studies is Rohan Marley, the Founder and Chairman ofMarley Coffee. Marley has a philosophy anchored in three words: passion, inspiration and transformation. These perfectly embody the idea that coffee is more than just a drink.

Marley, the son of Bob Marley, is a passionate nature lover who incorporates his quest for sustainable products into his entrepreneurship. For him, the opportunity for the company to give back in many ways by being a certified organic, fair trade, sustainable farming company is as important as running a profitable business. To that end, Marley makes sure his coffee farmers are taken care of. It’s part of his commitment to the community. The company donates regularly to various organizations with a sustainability mission. Today Marley Coffee grows its coffee beans on organic farms in Jamaica and other countries. The coffee is sold in a variety of formats.

“When coffee is well-grown, well-developed and full of robust gourmet flavor, it has the power to help keep us healthy, not to mention happy and full of energy,” says Marley. “Coffee, like music, is one of those everyday things that almost everyone enjoys. When it’s really good quality, it inspires and moves us.”

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