How Hand Sanitizers Cause Infections


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — These days, hand sanitizers are used so commonly that people use them more often than they wash their hands. With this amount of use it is inevitable that there are going to be issues with that skin that is being sanitized over and over. The most common ingredient used in these sanitizers is alcohol. Although alcohol does a great job at killing bacteria that is on the skin, it also effectively removes other essential chemical structures of the skin that are required for good skin health.

The Acid Mantle is important to maintain a proper moisture balance on the hands and to additionally keep harmful bacteria from absorbing into and damaging the skin. Although sanitizing is very important to keep down the spread of bacteria and viruses, if there is not a method of helping the Acid Mantle get back to its peak effectiveness, you have created another condition, such as very dry skin and other irritations, that can be very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Basic moisturizers like lanolin or different types of oils are not long term effective at helping the Acid Mantle get back into proper condition. They provide a temporary moistening condition that is quickly removed as soon as you grab the sanitizer again or wash your hands.

Ideally to protect the Acid Mantle, you need an intense blend of specialized skin treatments that actually promote a healthy skin condition and help promote the Acid Mantle structure as you wash your hands.

Scott Kennedy, founder of KINDERMA says, “It is important to use products that actually make your hand sanitizers work more effectively by not giving the bacteria a place to hide or allowing it to absorb into the skin. By using a product like our Hand Kind REVO regularly you are constantly increasing good skin health, without using additional moisturizers, just by washing your hands. By design, it performs tasks that traditional hand cleaners just cannot do.”


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