Whatever Happened to…A Basic Cup of Coffee?


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Getting a cup of coffee in the morning has never been more complicated. Sure, there’s a café on every corner, a short walk or drive away. But one glance at the menu can set customers’ heads spinning, before they’ve had their caffeine.

The days of going up to a counter and asking for a simple cup of coffee are pretty much gone. In its place are syrupy drinks with fancy names that rotate according to season. One would be hard-pressed to find a coffee chain that doesn’t carry drinks with pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha or salted caramel flavoring. Of course these sound tasty, but one sip can leave customers with a toothache, rather than the comfortable caffeine buzz they were looking for. Just to make things more complicated, one prominent coffee chain recently added alcoholic beverages to its menu. Such embellishments make one wonder if these companies are trying to compensate for less-than-stellar beans—the building blocks of all unforgettable coffee.

Thankfully, there’s one company that still strives to preserve the sanctity of a well-grown, well-roasted, gourmet brand of delicious, no-frills coffee. Marley Coffee was conceived by Rohan Marley—son of legendary musician Bob Marley—to usher in a new era for excellent coffee, pure and simple. “We don’t need any extras,” says Marley, who is founder and chairman of Marley Coffee. “Our coffee’s intoxicating aromas and amazing taste speak for themselves.”

Marley, along with President Anh Tran and CEO Brent Toevs, ensures that every Marley Coffee product comes from ethically grown, organic and sustainable farms from the highest-quality coffee-growing regions in Ethiopia, Central America and Jamaica.

The Marley Coffee management team understands the importance of choice. Their coffee is available in several different blends, including the “One Love” medium roast, “Get Up, Stand Up” light roast and “Lion’s Blend” dark roast. They also offer “Simmer Down” decaf. It doesn’t stop there—the coffee can be purchased a variety of ways for maximum convenience and personal taste preference.

Marley Coffee is not only concerned with creating great-tasting coffee; they are also passionate about every step of the process. They pride themselves on their “ITAL” seal, which refers to their own high standards that go above and beyond mere fair-trade certification. “In Rastafarian tradition, the initial syllable of a word is often replaced with the letter ‘I’ as a way to express the importance of self,” Marley explains. “Thus, ‘vital’ becomes comes ‘ital.’ We developed the ITAL seal to guarantee Marley Coffee will fight for what’s pure, true and vital.”

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