Ode to the T-Shirt


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Who doesn’t own at least one T-shirt? Someone once said “To err is divine, to wear a t-shirt is just plain comfortable and…cool.” Ok, I made that up, but it’s true: Does anything feel better than a good, old fashioned, worn-in basic t-shirt? As far as I’m concerned…not much!

T-shirts serve many purposes. They are walking billboards. They allow us to express opinions, musical preferences, college and national allegiances, philosophies and more.   They tell the world where we’ve been and what we like.  They allow us to identify with what we think is cool, hip, tending, or simply on our minds…and in our closets at any given moment.

Designers like John Varvatos are riding a wave of free advertising as the masses storm Bergdorf Goodman and other stores to grab up the most current T-shirt designs.  Stussy can boast the same kind of glory.  Almost instantly, the new release of a cool T becomes a Collector’s item; coveted for its edge and loved for its comfy-ness all at once. Plus, these and comparable T’s grant a certain shimmer of associated cool-factor thanks to rock stars like KISS sporting Varvatos in ads across major cities and the youthful energy and fearlessness of skateboarders and soccer players associated with wearing Stussy T’s.

A high quality basic t-shirt doesn’t have to be expensive.   After all, what you’re usually paying for is the privilege to advertise someone else’s brand…not the actual cost of the shirt. But well made and made with the right fabric do affect that comfy-factor big time. So, what features contribute to making a t-shirt “well made”? Most of the time this means it has a seamless collar, taped neck & shoulders, and double needle stitching throughout the entire garment. As far as the fabric is concerned, you want to look for pre-shrunk 100% cotton jersey fabric and ideally, ring-spun or combed cotton—skip the polyester. Ring-spinning and combing are processes that add softness to the cotton and this makes shirts noticeably softer than just straight basic cotton. Many manufacturers make such T-shirts and these are very soft, plus they only get better after repeated washings.

So, go on, Express Yourself!   Life is Good. Grab a T, start a movement and get comfy today.

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