Senator Steve Knight Finishes Strong

stevek22By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley) – Senator Steve Knight (R-Antelope Valley) is wrapping up his first two-year legislative session as a State Senator this week with plenty to be proud of. Despite some setbacks and disappointments, the army veteran and former police officer had some major successes.

At the top of the list of accomplishments in 2014 was passing a pair of bills (AB 2389; SB 718) that established tax credits to incentivize Aerospace manufacturers to operate in California, potentially bringing several hundred jobs and several hundred thousand tax dollars to the high desert. Additionally, Senator Knight co-authored successful measures that entice film studios (AB 1839) to operate in the state, and a much-needed water bond (AB 1471) that will appear on the ballot in November. The Senator also carried a handful bills that address his legislative priorities- namely, supporting California’s veteran community (SB 1113), upholding public safety (SB 905), and making the state more business friendly (SB 1134) – many of which have already been signed by the governor.

“I am very happy and proud with this year’s accomplishments. We were able to pass some meaningful bills that will help California to get back on the right track,” said Senator Knight.

Unfortunately, not every bill that passed through the Legislature was favorable to Senator Knight. Despite his ‘no’ votes, many measures passed that will negatively affect his constituents, including measures that will add to the heap of regulations and barriers to success that Californians already face.

“Of course the year was not perfect,” continued Knight. “Too many Californians are still facing hard times, particularly in my district, at least partially due to misguided and heavy handed intervention by the state. Until we can create an economic climate where businesses can employ more Californians, I will not be satisfied.”

The State Legislature has many bills to consider before its official adjournment (August 31), after which no legislation can be heard until next year’s session. Lawmakers may continue to work through the weekend until all measures have been voted on.

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