Tango Kilo To Perform Tonight at the Hi Desert Book Oasis

Pictures provided by Tango Kilo.

Pictures provided by Tango Kilo.

By Nolan P. Smith

(Hesperia)— Looking for a place to rock out on a Saturday night? Then the Hi Desert Book Oasis is the place to be tonight as they welcome the local band, Tango Kilo.

The performance starts at 7:00 p.m. and is guaranteed to be a fun filled night. Tango Kilo is a rock group based here in the High Desert, composed of David Mancha, Randy Jordan, Robbie Kauffman and Jeremy Lacey. Formed in 2007, the group has went through some name and line up changes, as with the members right now, the music they create is uniquely Tango Kilo. So, what’s with the name?

“It’s my dads truck handle on the CB. I thought it sounded cool,” said Kauffman in a round table interview with the band. While interviewing the group, I was treated to a live performance of a handful of songs, in which I have to say thoroughly impressed me. The heart and soul these four guys pour into their music live is something that should be seen in person.

Pictures provided by Tango Kilo.

Pictures provided by Tango Kilo.

The group already has a few albums to their name, with a new one in pre-production. “We have done two albums, 10 songs each, 20 songs recorded. The next album should have 12 songs on it, approximately,” said Mancha.

What can you expect from a Tango Kilo performance? Each of the guys had their own perspective.

“Hopefully its not too garage-y,” sai Kauffman.

“It’s southern garage rock with a hint of psychedelic, that’s what I think it is,” said Mancha.

“It’s interesting to see other peoples takes on it, because we all have different perspectives. One person could say they hear a little bit of 90’s rock in there, then they could hear something totally retro and a throwback like 70’s rock like Zepplin, The Doors. We all love The Beatles but we don’t sound like The Beatles. I think we all have influences from the Beatles,” said Jordan.

“People can expect to see a group of unshaven, mostly bespectacled men, likely in flannel.  We play all original rock and roll which delves into the classic style with influences that range from grunge to Americana,” said Lacey.

The Hi Desert Book Oasis is located at 12046-A Jacaranda Ave in Hesperia. For more information on Tango Kilo, check out the band’s website at www.tangokilo.com.

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