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(DGIwire)– Most people are stuck when it comes to their diet, lifestyle and health.  This is because they have conflicts.  Not from the outside, but from within themselves.  They want to lose weight, get in shape or be healthier but they don’t want to give up their current diet and lifestyle habits.  They are afraid the change will somehow be more painful than staying right where they are now.  After all, change can be scary.  It brings along with it an uncertain future and the potential prospect of failure.

Our self-image is based on what we believe about ourselves.  What you believe is true for you, subsequently becomes your reality.  If you have become accustomed to “seeing” yourself as a smoker, or as overweight, or as an athlete who stays up on sports by inviting friends over for beer, pizza and Monday night football – this “image” is what materializes until you start to change your self-image.

The process of change begins in your mind.  For one reason or another, one day you just make the decision to do something different.  The struggle is internal between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.  Your conscious mind is your rational thinking mind.  It tells you that you need to make some changes if you want to be healthier or want to accomplish some other worthy goal.  Your subconscious mind is your master computer.  It makes all the decisions needed to maintain the status quo and your current self-image, automatically.

Think about reprogramming a computer. Sometimes this can be done with the touch of a key.  Other times, it requires typing in a lot of new code to get the job done. If you want to make a lasting change, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind.

“If you have been reluctant to make the changes you know are necessary, the easiest approach we know is to gradually start adding healthy habits into your daily routine.  By starting simple, slow and easy, with time these small but good habits add up to the point where they start pushing out your bad habits because there is no room for them anymore.  You very gently move through the process of changing your self-image at a rate your subconscious mind can handle and accept,” according to Dian Griesel, Ph.D. and Tom Griesel, co-authors of TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust (BSH 2011).

OK, that sounds reasonable. How do you get started? Here are some easy things anyone can begin today:

  • Start your day with two big glasses of water.   That’s before coffee or tea.   Your body is dehydrated from repairing and cleaning all night long.   Water it.
  • Include at least two pieces of fresh fruit at any time each day.
  • Have at least one big salad daily. Make it as colorful as possible. Even if it’s only a portion of a meal, more vegetables are better than no vegetables.   Try eating this salad without any commercial dressing. Use just a teaspoon of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon or another teaspoon of vinegar, if desired.
  • Have a day of no refined foods at all at least once a week. Pick the day and stick to your personal challenge.   Fresh fruit, veggies, eggs nuts, chicken, fish, beef only. Nothing from a prepared package.
  • Cut out sugar and artificial sweeteners from your coffee or tea.   Once you get used to the change in taste, you won’t go back.
  • Have one meal a day with no bread included.

Tom Griesel adds, “These changes really start adding up. You will feel better.  You will become healthier.  You will actually start taking back control of your life… and adding more changes.”

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