I-15 Cajon Pass Paving Project (Bypass Lane)


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Caltrans is providing an important safety message to I-15 Cajon Pass drivers.  The I-15 southbound Cajon Pass bypass lane is now open with one lane available.  This is part of the traffic reconfiguration for I-15 Paving Project to allow safe access to the contractor to repave the lanes in the Cajon Pass.

The bypass lane will open to two lanes next week on Thursday, October 9 and will be in effect through November.


·         The new alignment (bypass) of the crossover will have narrow lanes and will feel “tight” when driving

·         Drivers need to slow down.  60 MPH is the absolute maximum that will be allowed

·         Absolutely no commercial trucks or BUSES will be allowed to utilize the bypass

·         Accidents in the bypass will cause delays, as there are no shoulders to remove vehicles to

·         Caltrans has contracted with the CHP for a unprecedented level of enforcement

·         Fines are doubled in the construction zone, and enforcement will  be 24 hrs a day

·         A normal trip through the bypass segment will take about 5 minutes. Take your time through this part of the construction zone.

We have provided a video of the new bypass configuration with one lane – the right lane will be open next week and is very narrow and close to k-rail and guardrail.  Please watch the video to get a feel for the drive down the Pass.




Again, please help us get the word out on this important safety message.  Thank you for your patience during the I-15 Cajon Pass Paving Project.

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