State of the Town of Apple Valley

AV state of the Town

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– The Town of Apple Valley has become an expert on bridging gaps in our 25 years of incorporation. From bridging our past to the present, from goals to reality, from challenge to success. We create a vision. We set a goal. We build a bridge to get us there.

In August, Mayor Art Bishop presented the State of the Town address at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon. With the theme of “Building Bridges,” the Town highlighted progress on the Yucca Loma Bridge, as well as our success in bridging funding gaps through grants.

We were just recommended for $990,000 through a Safe Routes to School grant to build a sidewalk, bike path and traffic signal on Yucca Loma Road between Apple Valley Road and the river, serving students of Rio Vista Elementary. We also expect to receive $1 million to build a 2-mile stretch of the Riverwalk project, from Bear Valley Road to Tussing Ranch along the Jess Ranch and Sun City developments.

Apple Valley’s economy saw a 3.9% increase in sales tax revenue over the same time last year. However, our per capita revenue of $75 per person is fourth out of the five High Desert cities. What this means is that we still experience sales tax leakage when citizens spend their tax dollars elsewhere. It’s more important than ever to shop local. If you can FIND it in Apple Valley, BUY it in Apple Valley!

Some of our newest businesses include Jersey Mike’s Subs, Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant, Two Bro’s Fish Fry and Spirit River Café, along with new locations for Subway and Juice It Up. Fat Jack’s Grill has brought new life to the building on Highway 18 that formerly housed Drapers and Amy’s. Coming very soon will be the first high desert location for Osh Kosh and Carter’s children’s clothing stores in the Jess Ranch Marketplace.

For more information on the State of the Town, view the presentation online at

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