VVC Foundation Kicks Off The Great Alumni Hunt


By Staff Reports

(Victorville) – More than a dozen teams of volunteers each supported by a Victor Valley College Student Intern embarked on a four week outreach campaign to help the college reconnect with its alumni.   The Victor Valley College Great Alumni Hunt began Wednesday and continues through November 15 when one student intern will win a $2,500 scholarship for supporting the team that earned the most alumni contact points.

“Alumni are the legacy of our college,” said Dr. Roger Wagner. “They tell our story better than we can and in doing so inspire a new generation of students to succeed. We will always consider them as part of the Victor Valley College family.”

The Great Alumni Hunt is organized by the Victor Valley College Foundation and presented by Desert Valley Hospital and the Auto Park at Valley Center.   Other sponsors include the Daily Press, El Dorado Broadcasters, Southern California Logistics Airport and Park University.

The Great Alumni Hunt began with an “Amazing Race” style activity where interns and their leaders searched for designated check-in points to picked up supplies,  them to their first Alumni leads.  During the next 30 days the interns along with their team members are on a sprint to identify and contact as many former alumni as possible.

“We want to welcome our alumni back to the VVC family by reaching out and talking to them personally,” said Executive Director, Ginger Ontiveros. “We want to let them know we appreciate each and every one of them and we are sincere by asking them how VVC made a difference in their lives.”

Points are being awarded for each individual who is found and extra points “could” be awarded depending upon certain criteria, such as: profession, location of the where the alumni lives now, as well as what year they graduated.  The final celebration and awards of scholarships will take place during the final home football game of the season during half – time.  Teams will also win points for as many alumni they bring out to the game.

Teams participating in the hunt include a team leader, student intern, a VVC employee and as many members at large as teams want to recruit.  Currently 13 teams are actively looking for alumni.

Mike Nutter, ISU Insurance Service / ARMAC Agency (Intern: I’tavia Peters)

Melissa McClain / Curtis Green, County of San Bernardino (Intern: Michael Cormier)

Tammy Shinnamon, Puttin’ on the Glitz (Intern: Nicholas Stanlopis)

David North, Desert Community Bank (Intern: Ashley Ziegenbein)

Randy Terrell, Passantino Andersen (Intern: Esther Ross)

Michael Karen, Daily Press (Intern: Daniel McLeod)

Kirsten Acosta, Goodspeed (Intern: Amanda Callahan)

Nicky Campbell, Azusa Pacific University (Intern: Martha Santos)

Jeff Longshore, Century 21 Fairway (Intern: Alyssa Longshore)

Socorro Solario, Community Hospice (Intern: Todd Lipka)

Scott Webb, City of Victorville (Intern: Megan Toas)

Arely Moreno, Park University (Intern: Kapprice Logan)

Aaron Moore, Victor Valley Transit Authority (Intern: Jasmin Munoz)

Four additional team captains are looking for VVC interns in order to help them win a scholarship:

Casey Brooksher, City of Hesperia

Gabe / Anna Lovato, Apple Valley Communications

Fred Hunter / Roseanne Weathers, Desert Valley Hospital

Jennifer Eisenbrey, Apple Valley Fire Department

The Great Alumni Hunt has room for up to 20 teams.  Community Volunteers and VVC Student Interns who who still want to join the fun, should contact the Foundation office at 760.245.4271 ext. 2522 to get started right away.

If you are an alumni and want to be found log onto www.vvcfoundation.com and click on the Great Alumni Hunt icon on the home page!  The Victor Valley College Foundation wants to tell your story!  You can also learn about some of our former alumni by reading our blog posts.


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