Water Conservation “Selfies” Sought for Marketing Campaign

MWABy Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Are you doing your part to save water during the drought?  If so, the Mojave Water Agency (MWA) and the Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation (AWAC) invite you to submit a selfie of you in action. The contest runs through October 30th and is open to individuals from age ten and older who live in the Victor Valley region.

Creativity is highly encouraged and selfie submissions may include one other person in the photo. Contest rules and water conservation ideas are available on the MWA website at www.mojavewater.org.

Conservation activities may include installing water saving appliances, programming sprinkler timers for maximum water use, replacing sprinkler heads, installing a drip irrigation system, using a hose with a shut-off nozzle to wash a vehicle, using a broom to clean sidewalks and driveways, removing grass and replacing it with drought tolerant vegetation, running dishwashers or clothes washers with only full loads, taking shorter showers, and more.

Submissions will be accepted through October 30 and is limited to one submission per person. All the approved photos will be posted on the MWA website for voting the week of November 3 through 7. The top three highest vote-getters will become the new faces of conservation and will be featured in public education and marketing ads and materials.

For more information on the contest visit the MWA website at www.mojavewater.org or call 760-946-7067.

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