Hotel Horror Stories: How to Avoid Them


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — We’ve all been there: showers that drip, rooms the size of a shoebox that reek of stale cigarette smoke, sagging mattresses that feel like one is sleeping in a canoe, cheap sheets that rub up against skin like sandpaper—the list goes on. Regardless of the scenario, staying in a bad hotel can ruin a trip or even one’s impression of an entire city. With that in mind, here are five ways to avoid the hotel from hell, according to AOL Travel:

  1. Check online reviews. One of the best ways to avert disaster is to see what other people are saying. Keep in mind, though, that it isn’t enough to hear what people generally think about a chain. It’s important to find out what the local reviews say in the city or town one wishes to visit.
  2. Go with major chains. They have the biggest reputation to defend, so they will usually have higher standards and a formal complaint process.
  3. Get directions early. To avoid delays or risk having the hotel book one’s room to someone else, call ahead to make sure of its location.
  4. Find times to go when they aren’t overbooked. The best experiences with hotels usually involve times when they aren’t too crowded. The atmosphere is also generally more relaxed when there aren’t so many people around.
  5. Book online and then call to confirm. Making a reservation on the web is one of the best ways to get a hotel that won’t disappoint you. That way you can surf and look at their room pictures, their reviews and other amenities, and then decide if it’s right.

Of course, even the best lodging plans occasionally go awry. This is especially true with regard to the mishaps that can occur when checking in. Such errors might soon be a thing of the past, thanks to game-changing technology of Intellicheck Mobilisa’s ScanINN®, an innovative platform that verifies the IDs of guests checking in.

With a quick swipe of the guest’s ID, forms are automatically populated and the guest’s credentials are verified and authenticated almost immediately. Another bonus is that a simple scan of the ID replaces more than 200 keystrokes on a keyboard and will eliminate errors normally associated with manual data entry.

Dr. Bill Roof, Intellicheck Mobilisa’s CEO, says, “One of the key processes that can improve the customer experience at a hotel is a quick, polished check-in procedure. First impressions always last the longest. For hotels—especially very busy ones—this technology helps create a better customer experience and generates enhanced customer loyalty.”

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