Passion and Coffee: An Interesting Blend


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Coffee lovers are passionate about their brew and where they get it. Persuading coffee drinkers to change any part of that habit can be an uphill battle. Even convincing a diehard coffee lover to try another brand or a new location to buy their coffee can be a challenge.

One factor that can tempt coffee lovers to consider a change is something unique to the brand. Is it organic? Are its beans farmed using sustainable techniques? Do its farms foster support for local economies? Is the brand “giving back” to the community without sacrificing quality?

One brand offering some of these assurances to coffee lovers is Marley Coffee. Founded by Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley, the brand is based on sustainably grown and ethically farmed coffee beans.

Being sustainably grown and ethically farmed may even enhance the taste and aroma of Marley Coffee. Marley Coffee then uses its own special methods to roast the beans—a roasting method reminiscent of the way Rohan’s grandmother used to prepare her own morning cup of coffee each day in Jamaica.

Rohan says, “I wanted to fulfill my father’s dream of going back to the land to farm. By creating Marley Coffee I had that opportunity. Equally important is the opportunity we now have as a company to give back in many ways by being a certified organic, fair trade, sustainable farming company. These policies create a win-win for farmers and coffee drinkers.”

Marley Coffee is expanding its presence across the U.S. with a series of recent distribution agreements, which are providing many more coffee drinkers the opportunity to share the Marley Coffee passion.

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