VVWRA Joins “Better Buildings, Better Plants” Program

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By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– As part of its continuing efforts to create a sustainable and energy efficient operation, the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority has become the first wastewater treatment facility in the nation to join the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings, Better Plants Program. VVWRA Director of Operations Gilbert Perez said, “VVWRA is proud to takes its place as a leader in energy efficiency.”

VVWRA is the first facility of its kind to join the Energy Department’s Better Buildings, Better Plants Program—a national partnership program that aims to help companies save billions of dollars in energy costs, create new jobs, strengthen their competitiveness and promote great US energy security. Perez said, “The Better Buildings, Better Plants Program is a natural continuation of VVWRA’s effort to be 90 to 100% energy neutral in 2015. VVWRA is pleased to be a part of the nation’s drive toward a sustainable, clean-energy future.”

VVWRA took a huge step toward energy neutrality in September when they unveiled the Omnivore project which is designed to take biogas created in a retrofitted digester and convert it into electricity to power plant operations.  Perez said, “The Better Buildings, Better Plants Program will provide us with further input and guidance from the Department of Energy about ways to reduce VVWRA’s energy footprint”.

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