AVAS Seeks Help for Emaciated Great Dane


By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– With skin stretched taut over protruding ribs, Elsa the Great Dane gently nuzzled the hand of Apple Valley Animal Services manager, Gina Schwin-Whiteside.

“We don’t know how long she’s been neglected or out on her own, but we are doing everything we can to bring her back to health,” said Schwin-Whiteside. “We are hoping some caring citizens will be willing to contribute towards a fund for her care.”

Elsa was found wandering in a sparsely populated area. She was brought to the shelter by some concerned youth. It was after hours, but Animal Control Officer Josh Hall saw them in the parking lot. Recognizing the severity of the situation, the officer took possession of the dog to be evaluated by medical staff.


She came in severely emaciated and tested positive for CPV (Canine Parvovirus). Elsa is currently being treated by a local veterinarian for the virus and will require extended treatment to regain her weight.

Local rescue partners and networkers are working with Apple Valley Animal Services to raise money to continue Elsa’s treatment. Donations can be made directly to the AVAS PayPal account at animalservices@applevalley.org. Placement for Elsa will depend upon how she responds to treatment.

Updates on Elsa’s progress will be posted on www.facebook.com/AVAnimals .  For additional information on donating to Elsa’s treatment please call (760) 240-7000 ext 7555 or visit the shelter at 22131 Powhatan Rd, Apple Valley, California 93207.

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