Cancer Treatment: App Puts Info into Palm of a Doctor’s Hands


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Cancer has become a ubiquitous diagnosis in modern society, and few lives are untouched. The American Cancer Society (ACS) reports that millions of people are diagnosed with different types of cancer each year, with breast, prostate, skin and colorectal cancer the most common. Although it’s devastating that there are so many kinds of cancer, it is inspiring to know that treatments for so many of them are being pursued.

In the past, people perished from all kinds of unknown ailments that were actually various forms of cancer. However, now that doctors have begun to isolate different cancer strains, they have also begun to perfect their treatment strategies. One company that is aiding oncologists in this regard is CollabRx, Inc., a San Francisco-based data analytics company.

Today, when the cloud is mentioned, many people look not at the sky but at their computers. CollabRx provides cloud-based expert systems to inform healthcare decision-making through smartphone apps. CollabRx recently created an app called CancerRx, a mobile resource designed to help physicians navigate the complex landscape of oncology. It provides physicians with the ability to rapidly and accurately identify relevant drugs, clinical trials, diagnostics, medical tests and therapies based on each patient’s specific needs.

CancerRx offers in-depth explanations of different treatment options for lung cancer, melanoma, metastatic breast cancer and colorectal cancer. These explanations and advice come from the top experts in the field, and physicians and other medical professionals can interact with them to discuss different drugs and therapies based on tumor profiles, different stages and patient history. In addition to weighing the pros and cons of different treatment options, CancerRx helps physicians identify the most relevant clinical trials of investigational therapies and provides links to clinical findings published in top-tier medical journals. Plus, CancerRx comes with a special “daily oncology newsfeed” feature from MedPage Today, complete with real-time updates.

The research available via the CancerRx app is curated from CollabRx’s highly qualified expert advisory network, which consists of more than 75 leading physicians, scientists and researchers from the nation’s most renowned academic and medical institutions.

The app is currently for physician use only.

Thomas R. Mika, President and CEO of CollabRx, says, “We accumulate information on biomarkers, drugs and clinical trials to develop testing and treatment approaches. We strive to determine which drugs and treatments will be most efficient for each individual patient, and in turn empower physicians to feel supported and confident in their diagnostic abilities.”

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