Cold Weather Tips for Your Home from the AWAC


By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley) —A few simple measures can help prevent freezing pipes inside and outside your home. The Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation (AWAC) offer the following suggestions to winterize your home and property.

Key indoor tips include:

• Wrap hot water heaters, water heater pipes, sink pipes, and any exposed pipes

• Set a faucet on a slow drip in your home to avoid freezing (when temperatures drop below 20 degrees F)

Key outdoor tips include:

• Wrap sprinkler valves

• Use an insulated cover on your hose bibs

• Disconnect any swamp coolers and drain the lines

If you do experience a pipe freeze, please warm them slowly. A hair dryer on a low setting can be used. It is advisable to know where your shut-off valves are located inside and outside your home.

If you notice any water leaking from your neighbor’s property or any public property contact your local water company.

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