Edison International Grants Scholarship Funds and Opportunities to STEM Students at VVC


By Staff Reports

(Victorville)- In response to Victor Valley College Foundation’s “Year of STEM” campaign, Edison International recently awarded Victor Valley College a $22,500 grant to reach out and support students pursuing an education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

This generous gift helps to strengthen the campaign’s goals, which is to increase the number, diversity, and success of students participating in STEM fields of study. The program will provide 20 scholarships and more than one thousand hours of tutoring which is essential for many students to have a positive outcome in STEM disciplines.  Today, at minimum 4600 students attending VVC need some tutoring support in STEM subjects.  The STEM scholarships offered through this project will be enhanced by ensuring students who receive scholarships also have access to adequate tutoring.

In addition, the funds will facilitate grants for faculty to implement innovate ideas and curriculum to provide hands on experiences for students in STEM.

“We have had a long standing partnership with Edison International and are grateful for their generous investment in our students at Victor Valley College,” said Hamid Eydgahi, Victor Valley College Dean of S.T.E.M.  “This funding opportunity from Edison International supports a group of committed STEM faculty, who facilitate learning in a student-focused classroom, and provide instruction of the highest caliber.”

Research has shown, for students to be competitive as they graduate from college and begin their careers in this new information based and highly technological society, it is critical they develop their capabilities in STEM far beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.  As a good Corporate Citizen, Edison International is partnering with VVC to respond to today’s workforce needs.

Edison International is committed to addressing important issues like education, the environment, public safety & emergency preparedness, and civic engagement. Last year, Edison awarded $19.7 million to community programs that make a difference in these areas, along with $3.1 million in STEM scholarships to help students earn degrees and contribute to future innovation.

To get more information or to apply for scholarships, please contact the Victor Valley College Foundation. The Victor Valley College Foundation is a charitable organization that makes friends and raises funds to help Victor Valley College better serve its students and community. Visit www.vvcfoundation.com or find us on Facebook to join the growing number of people and organizations who contribute to support our mission. For more information about Victor Valley College and the programs available, visit www.vvc.edu. To learn about Edison International visit http://www.edison.com/home/community.html.

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