Resolving to Finally Write Your Book This Year!


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire)– We all procrastinate in one area or another. It is part of the human condition to put off what you don’t want to do, or what you find difficult or distasteful. That’s why everyone plans to start a new diet on a Monday—so they can indulge over the weekend. Then Monday comes, along with a big breakfast, and the whole diet goes out the window. Well, there’s always next Monday.

But what about that memoir, business book or novel you were always going to write?  Haven’t you put the idea—or the rough draft you already started—on the sidelines for long enough? When Back to the Future came out, 2015 was the far distant future, and now it’s here! So where is your book? Instead of making yet another nebulous resolution similar to “Be A Better Person” or “Eat Better,” why not make a more concrete resolution that you can actually stick to?

Maybe you think you’re “too busy” or that the task is “too daunting.” Maybe you’re worried you’re not a good enough writer…or a writer at all. Enough excuses! Let’s examine how you can overcome your inertia or fear. Judy Katz, founder of Ghostbooksters, has ghostwritten or edited an incredible 35 books so far and has also written a novel of her own, Prisoners of Love. Ms. Katz offers these tips for finally—finally—writing the book that’s stuck in your head.

1.     Keep a Daily Journal. You’ve lived an unusually interesting life to date and you want to share your “life’s lessons learned” with others. Keeping a journal, or even talking into a tape recorder, as a way to chronicle your life from birth will help you with the vital first step of getting it all down. You can also hire someone to transcribe your ramblings. If you can’t make sense of it all, or need help with the right “flow,” consider hiring an editor to work with you, but get it done!

2.     Be Creative and Use Artistic License. Let’s say you want to write a memoir, but you also want to protect the innocent while not inciting the ire of the guilty.  Create a storyline and write a roman a clef! You’ve seen the books and movies:  “Based on a true story.” Liberties can be even taken to make your story more interesting, so expect deviations, but then no one will want to take out a hit on you.

3.     Talk to a Professional Writer. Authoring a book is the ultimate marketing tool to help you grow your business.  It establishes you as an expert and makes you more attractive to the media – and to higher paying clients. If you are not a good writer or just don’t have the time, hire a writer to help you. Even if he/she just creates a table of contents as the roadmap for your book you will be moving closer to completion.

4.     Just Start! When you really want something, don’t you always go after it and get it, even if it takes time and energy? For some, the key is to break the task of writing into smaller pieces. If you need a pep talk, Ms. Katz is always happy to provide sage advice. Ultimately though, the motivation has to come from you and from your appreciation of what becoming an author can do for you.

“Book collaboration is a fulfilling and rewarding adventure,” says Ms. Katz. “I love sharing the joys of the book-birthing process with my clients and helping them become successful authors.”

Are you finally ready to embark on your journey?”

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