Retire in Style: A Brilliant New Trend for the Next Stage of Our Lives


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — In the modern era, rife with economic uncertainty and increasing living costs, retirement can seem like something to dread more than something to celebrate. For many women approaching that milestone, they are exhausted. They have pursued a career for decades, and now they’re hoping to spend more time with their spouse, children, and grandchildren—or maybe they want to use this time to travel. However, many people approaching retirement age are quickly discovering that they might not have the funds necessary to stop working altogether.

For women who want to enjoy their retirement while still remaining an active contributor to their household, Lulu Avenue® has got them covered. Lulu Avenue is a direct-to-consumer division of Charles & Colvard®, the sole source of Classic Moissanite™ and Forever Brilliant®moissanite gems. In fact, Lulu Avenue is the only trunk show company that features moissanite, a gem that is brighter than a diamond, stronger than a sapphire, ethically grown and perhaps best of all, costs a fraction of the price of traditional gemstones.

This jewelry is sold through a growing network of independent “Style Advisors” who earn income by selling exclusive Lulu Avenue®-branded jewelry online and through boutique-style Trunk Shows. Trunk Shows can be held in someone’s own home, a friend’s home or any other venue that can provide a stress-free, welcoming environment in which friends, neighbors and colleagues can shop for beautiful, on-trend jewelry.

“We provide our Style Advisors with unwavering guidance, materials, coaching and support necessary to get their new jewelry-selling venture off the ground,” says Michelle Jones, President of Lulu Avenue®. “It’s the perfect option for the entrepreneurial woman who is looking for a new source of steady income while maintaining full control over her life, at any stage.”

On Lulu Avenue’s website, many Style Advisors come forward with their own stories to express their gratitude and satisfaction with their new careers. One Senior Style Advisor, Lonnie from Texas, explains, “Although we work independently, there is camaraderie and a sense of community unlike any other. I worked as a registered nurse for 30 years and during that whole time I never experienced as strong and supportive an environment as I have at Lulu Avenue®.”

Another Style Advisor, Sharon from Tennessee, adds, “After owning my own hair salon for many years, I was looking for a change of pace. I didn’t want to stop working altogether, and I wanted to work somewhere I could use my creativity and business savvy. Being able to generate income while spending more time with my family and doing what I love has been a life-changing experience.”

Lulu Avenue® is truly the ideal destination for all women, whether they are looking to start a new career, add another source of income, or even find their local Style Advisor to purchase a fabulous new piece of jewelry. Women will be amazed at what they can accomplish in the comfort of their own home.

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