Is Running Out of Gas a Thing of the Past?


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Once a futuristic idea, electric vehicles are now very real. According to, the United States reported having the largest fleet of plug-in electric vehicles in the world as of September 2014—about 260,000 of them. The U.S. has been the leader in the evolution of electric vehicle sales.

With the rise in electric vehicles has come an increase in the number of charging stations. Although they are not part of the typical gas station ritual most drivers experience, electric vehicles need a charging establishment to call their own. Green Charge Networks, an energy storage startup company, recently established “GreenStations” in a number of cities and at commercial businesses and schools. With more than 200 charging stations already built and in use, Green Charge is providing electric vehicle drivers the same convenience and affordability gas-operated vehicle drivers are given. With the ever-growing demand for electric vehicles, it makes good sense to provide a convenient number of charging stations nationwide.

One company in the forefront of electric vehicle technology is AMP Electric Vehicles, headquartered in Cincinnati. The aptly named AMP is hoping to create a significant change within the world of delivery vehicles with its Workhorse E-GEN™ truck, which incorporates an extended-range electric drive.

With its ultra-efficient drive train, the E-GEN™ truck is powered solely by an electric motor when in motion. One innovative feature of this vehicle is its ability to automatically turn on a small internal combustion engine when the battery charge falls below a predetermined state of charge, the vehicle is put into park, the emergency brake is on and the key is out. The internal combustion engine powers the electric motor/generator recharging the pack. Since the battery pack is not permitted to fully deplete, its life is extended and the dread of running out of power on a highway disappears. This electric vehicle is both energy and cost-effective, and means that during stops to take a delivery to the door, the vehicle is efficiently recharging.

Steve Burns, CEO of AMP Electric Vehicles, says, “We believe our E-GEN trucks might prove to be a superior alternative to existing delivery trucks across the U.S. In the near future, truck drivers for various companies might be able take advantage of the energy-efficient alternative we have created for them.”

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