City of Hesperia Prepares for Ninth Annual Youth in Government Day


By Staff Reports

(Hesperia) – The City of Hesperia is proud to be hosting the Ninth Annual Youth in Government Day on Thursday, February 5, 2015 at Hesperia City Hall. Twenty-five students were selected to participate from Hesperia, Oak Hills, Sultana and Canyon Ridge high schools.

This long-established program was updated this year to allow students the opportunity to make a difference in the community by empowering them to fund an actual City project in the amount of $10,000. Projects being considered by the Mock City Council include funding for a reduced spay/neuter voucher program, funding for a student bicycle/pedestrian safety outreach campaign, and funding for stationary fitness equipment for the Civic Plaza Park.

“Each year, event participants walk away with a better understanding of public service and the intricacies involved in City operations,” said Mayor Eric Schmidt. “I’m very excited about the new format. It requires students to consider the impact of important civic programs and work collaboratively for the benefit of Hesperia residents.”

Youth in Government Day is designed to give high school seniors a behind the scenes look at all levels of municipal government, from public safety and civic planning to government finance and public administration. The day-long event includes an orientation, job shadowing, a luncheon program, a “Meet the Mayor” question and answer session and participation in a Mock City Council Meeting.

Members of the media are invited to observe the event. For more information please contact Rachel Molina at

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