Effective Self-Talk for Weight Loss


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Do you ever talk to yourself?  Of course you do!  Everyone does.

We’re often told to “think positive”. However, when it comes to effective self-talk, what you say is critical in determining your degree of success at any endeavor.  This includes your fat-loss and health goals and any other objectives.

An interesting study which looked at different self-talk phrases found that what you say or think in those times of decision or temptation will make a huge difference in your rate of success.

By way of example, a recent health and diet study reported dividing participants into groups.  They were then provided three different word strategies for testing their ability to refuse unhealthy food choices; “I can’t”, “I don’t” and “Just say no”.  They found that using the words “I don’t” was the most successful and found that it increased participants’ feelings of autonomy, control, and self-awareness and it also resulted in greater positive behavioral change.

“This reveals an interesting but often overlooked human characteristic: We do not like to be told what to do, even when we are telling ourselves! It also provides some reasoning why the “Just say no” to drugs campaign was not very successful even though it was oft repeated,” according to Tom Griesel, co-author of the book, The TurboCharged Mind: Eliminate Bad Habits with Hypnosis.  

Most experts agree that staying positive seems to have a beneficial effect on outcome. There are entire books that have been written on the subject. This and plenty of other information suggests that not all positive thinking and self-talk is created equal. In fact, some thoughts seem to be much more effective than others.

Tom Griesel adds, “Statements like ‘I am’; ‘I will’; ‘I can’ when paired with the desired response might be even more effective because they are positive statements of control and direction (doing something as opposed to not doing something).”

Either way, since we’d all prefer greater success in any endeavor, we’d all benefit from keeping this simple advice in mind when creating affirmations or when engaging in effective goal setting or ‘positive’ self-talk.”

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