Hiring Is Not Recruiting


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — As a business leader, finding the perfect new hire can be difficult, even though today’s marketplace is flooded with talented individuals ranging from fresh college graduates to seasoned veterans. The process can certainly seem daunting, but remember: the more diligent you are in the pre-hire process, the more likely they are to succeed and bring value.

Your first step in filling a position is to look in-house. Succession planning should be built into the foundation of your business model. Not only will it propel the growth of your company, it will also foster the professional growth of your employees. Is there someone who’s been champing at the bit for more responsibility or a promotion? Loyalty and good performance should be rewarded with opportunity. Making the determination as to whether you need to add staff or rather, adjust the responsibilities of those you already have, could save you the step of bringing someone new on board.

Times will arise when recruiting outside talent is essential for filling a particular role or expanding your business. When you think you’ve found the right person, it’s really just the start of what can, and should be, a more extensive process. Few busy managers realize that hiring is very different than recruiting. It’s easy to hire. Recruiting, however, is an art.

Recruiting is not just knowing where to go to find the best talent; it’s equally important to know how to vet their underlying interests and nurture the relationship. Many companies opt to outsource the recruiting and interviewing process to a professional firm that can dedicate the necessary time and resources.

Rebecca Cenni, Founder & CEO of Atrium Staffing, and her team have placed all levels of talent, from temporary support to C-suite executives. Speaking from experience, Ms. Cenni says: “Most busy executives simply don’t have the time to prepare for the interview process. They need to hire the right person, yet when they’re in the midst of their daily routine, it’s often difficult to find the time it takes to do it well.”

Cenni says that it requires experience and skill to ask the right questions. “Anyone can read a book on how to conduct an interview but there is more to it than that. Throw them a curve ball. Ask a question that they won’t be expecting. Don’t just listen to them answer, but watch them answer. Pay attention to their body language. These factors, in conjunction with a candidate’s professional experience, will start painting the bigger picture. This is where Atrium offers immense value to our clients. We can source the right talent, vet them in interviews and assist management in their internal interviewing process. Atrium also offers a suite of managed services, which is a great solution for companies looking to bring on project, freelance or intern talent.”

If the right talent for your next open position is not already on your payroll, consider reaching out to the experts in the art of recruiting.

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