Heading to the Supermarket? Avoid This Aisle


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) — Have you ever found yourself in the cookie aisle of the grocery store, wondering how you got there? Anyone with a sweet tooth most likely has. You begin to eye each shelf, looking for the perfect sugary treat to settle that craving. With the seemingly boundless choices, it is nearly impossible to choose just one. Before you know it, you are throwing an assortment of treats into your cart, purposefully ignoring the obvious fact that none of them were on your shopping list, and that you’ve once again bypassed the kale—and your vow to eat healthy.

Sugar causes a lot more damage than you might think. Perhaps it is finally time to settle the battle between your conscience and your sweet tooth. Surprisingly enough, there are healthier, more natural, and even sweeter ways to settle those cravings without risking your well-being or cheating on your diet—thanks to the stevia plant.

Stevia First Corp. (SF Corp), an agricultural biotech company based in Yuba City, CA, offers a guilt-free, zero-calorie, natural sweetener for those seeking to break free from their sugar habit. SF Corp’s natural sweetener can be added seamlessly to any recipe. It is both pH and heat stable, making it the perfect additive for a variety of homemade goods. The best part is that it is actually much sweeter than sugar and leaves no bitter aftertaste. Without any chemicals or artificial sweeteners involved in the extraction or production methods, many are seeing the value of switching from sugar to stevia.

SF Corp is looking to go beyond what other companies in the space are up to, thanks to the proprietary fermentation methods it designed to create its thoroughly pure sweetener. It is also dedicated to reducing dependency on overseas production of stevia and guaranteeing a reliable supply of stevia in the U.S. and abroad.

“We are dedicated to providing people with a healthy alternative not only to sugar but to many other sweeteners currently on the market,” says Robert Brooke, CEO of SF Corp. “Stevia truly represents a healthier tomorrow for consumers and food and beverage manufacturers alike.”

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