How Truckers Are Starting to Slow Climate Change


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – The climate change debate isn’t really a debate anymore. Everyone, including some on the political right, agree that climate change is a real issue. Carbon dioxide levels in the air are now at 398.5 parts per million, the highest in 650,000 years. Global temperature is up, with nine of the 10 warmest years on record having occurred since 2000. Arctic ice has been melting quickly, decreasing 13.7 percent per decade, with arctic summer sea ice reaching its lowest point on record in 2012. Land ice has fallen by 258 billion tons per year; Greenland alone saw its ice loss double from 1996 to 2005. Sea levels have risen 3.17 mm per year and seven inches over the past century. Forest cover has fallen 1.5 million square kilometers. Between 2000 and 2012, Earth lost enough forest to cover Texas—twice.

There are a lot of numbers here and maybe they don’t mean anything to us as mere facts. But consider what these statistics really mean for our planet and us. For example, storms have increased in both frequency and intensity. Superstorm Sandy hit New York and New Jersey hard—as of March 2014, the estimated cost of damage equaled a whopping $68 billion, second only to the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. Consider the fact that the New York/New Jersey area was previously rarely affected by tropical storms.

Most experts point to an increase in greenhouse emissions due to a rise in worldwide industrialization as the main cause of climate change. However, contrary to popular belief, the biggest culprit isn’t coal-burning factories or razing forests. It’s vehicles—and delivery trucks are a big part of the problem. How many times have we seen a delivery truck parked outside a store at the loading platform or on the street, keys in the ignition, idling? We might not think much of it, but in that moment the truck is polluting the air we breathe.

As fleet companies begin to ask how they can improve bottom lines as well as their carbon footprints–AMP Electric Vehicles, a Cincinnati-based company that manufactures electric drive systems for medium-duty, class 3-6 commercial truck platforms, has a powerful answer. Its transportation solutions include full-electric, extended-range electric and fuel-efficient gas-powered vehicles, but its overall strategy is to create more efficient delivery trucks that get where they’re going without polluting our planet.

Steve Burns, CEO of AMP Electric Vehicles, says, “Everyone needs to do their part to fight climate change. We like to think AMP Electric Vehicles are part of the solution. Producing great trucks that run on electricity is a small but important step.”

Although we’re already starting to feel the effects of climate change, it is not too late.  We need to do all we can, as fast as we can, to keep Earth in the best shape possible. Given how many trucks are on the road across the world every day, this cutting-edge delivery vehicle could become a significant part of a new way to control this situation.

Although not every American can afford to cruise down the street in a Tesla, we can all get behind a greener delivery fleet. It’s reliable, it’s effective, it’s economic and most importantly, it’s green. Fighting climate change is an uphill battle, but by making small, smart choices, we can keep our planet healthy. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got.

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