Victorville Senior Reaches Out to Help Family in Need


by Janice Eck

(Victorville)– It takes a big heart for someone to do all that is within their power to help a complete stranger. Silverado High School Senior, Dorothy Dailey, took things into her own hands when she found out her mother’s friend’s home burned down in a tragic accident.

The friend and her six grandchildren ranging in age from 1 month to 7 years old, lost everything and Dailey knew there was no way she could not act. Dailey explained in an interview with High Desert Daily, “I just felt it in my heart. I put myself in her situation. I would want someone to do that for me. I just wanted to help her out. I wanted her kids to have enough clothes to wear and not share. I wanted to set something up where people can come and give.”


Dailey wanted so much for the children to be provided for, to forget all that they had lost and to know that people, who didn’t even know them, who had never met them, cared enough to give. She knew the family had lost everything, that they would have to start over from scratch and Daily was determined to help. As a Teacher’s Aide working in the Principal’s office at her high school, she had grown close to the staff members she worked with. Out of her generous and giving heart, she asked a certain staff member for an email to be sent out to all the faculty and staff notifying them of the unfortunate event the grandmother of six had experienced. Daily had faith that her school would respond in a great way. The children being her number one priority, Daily requested toys and clothes.

Dailey’s generosity, her want to help, didn’t stop there. She had just started a new job through the work experience program at school and took advantage of her newfound income to buy toys and other items for the children at yard sales and such. She had even gone around her neighborhood explaining the situation and collecting items for the family.


So where does this kind of heart come from? When other kids her age are thinking about prom or college, Daily was led to help out the family of someone she hadn’t met, someone she hadn’t talked to and actually learned about the situation by eavesdropping on her mother’s conversation. According to her mother, Dailey has always had a heart for children; she has always loved children. So when Dailey heard of this regrettable circumstance, it was natural for her to want to help as much as she can.

Dailey’s love for children explains her plans to become a Pediatrician. Wanting to take advantage of their education benefits, Dailey is planning to join the Army Reserves after graduation where she will serve her country and go to college to follow her heart’s desire for children. She is definitely well on her way to accomplish her dream.

If you are interested in making a donation to the family, please send an email to with Subject: Donation.

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