The Village Artist Collective- New Non-Profit Group Launches Artfully


By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley) – The Village Artist Collective hadn’t even gotten official non-profit status and was already out in the community connecting artists with businesses for Phase I of its artful launch of “Community Visuals” where artists work with private businesses to create works of art that will be enjoyed by the High Desert community.

The Village Art Collective seeks to enhance the destination environment by cultivating and supporting an art and music community within The Village of Apple Valley with an affiliation of professional artists, musicians and creative organizations that will establish on-going art related experiences for the public and establish a vibrant, thriving environment of the arts.

The Apple Valley Village Business District offers an advantageous mix of commercial uses including retail stores, service-related businesses, warehousing and light industry. It runs along Highway 18, generally between Navajo Road on the west to Mesquite Road on the east, and from Ottawa Road on the south to as far north as Esaws Avenue.

Connecting the community members through art galleries, events and activities strengthens the community’s economy, identity, bond and therefore safety.

Besides being a catalyst for economic improvement. The arts help promote increased understanding and tolerance among residents. Community arts events bring diverse people together. Events offer opportunities for attendees to engage with each other, communicate and share similar experiences. This not only builds community and culture, but also offers residents and visitors a respite and good health as an added benefit.

“We join the in great work already being done by groups like the Legacy Trail and First Fridays in Apple Valley, together we will make great things happen for, with and within our community and create an environment that reflects the artists that live within it. We want to encourage the community to share in the creative process for a better way of life;” says the Collective’s founder, artist/musician Maggie Vee. To start Maggie suggests having fun and checking out Cocoon Gallery & Gift Shop and Burning House Studio or volunteering for a local community art project going on now in the Village.

Whether you are an artist, supporter or enthusiast you can join this art movement by calling (760) 684-9093 or visiting and making a donation. The Village Artist Collective is an affiliate fund of the High Desert Community Foundation.

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