Board Adopts County Goals & Objectives for 2015-16

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By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Achieving the Countywide Vision, increasing jobs and economic value, and ensuring the development of a well-planned, balanced, and sustainable county are among the goals and objectives established today by the Board of Supervisors for the coming year.

“The Goals & Objectives are a promise to the people of San Bernardino County that the Board of Supervisors is fully committed to creating an outstanding quality of life for our residents, visitors, and investors,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman James Ramos. “Continuing our work toward achieving the Countywide Vision in collaboration with our cities and towns, schools, businesses, and other stakeholders will ensure that our county community will continue to thrive and succeed for generations to come.”

Annual goals and objectives were established to create a clear line of authority between the public, as represented by the Board of Supervisors, and the activities carried out by County Government. The Board meets annually with the Chief Executive Officer as part of the CEO’s performance evaluation to develop the Goals & Objectives, which are then publicly discussed and acted upon by the Board. All proposals submitted to the Board and all activities carried out by County departments and staff must be tied to one or more of the Goals & Objectives.

“This Board has a strong commitment toward open and honest government,” Chairman Ramos said. “Publicly setting goals and objectives ensures that the public sets the County’s course and that County Government is accountable to the public for the work it does in our communities and how it spends the taxpayers’ dollars.”

The categories under which the Goals & Objectives fall are
— Implement the Countywide Vision
— Create, Maintain and Grow Jobs and Economic Value in the County
— Improve County Government Operations
— Operate in a Fiscally Responsible and Business-like Manner
— Ensure Development of a Well-Planned, Balanced, and Sustainable County
— Provide for the Safety, Health, and Social Service Needs of County Residents
— Pursue County Goals and Objectives by Working with Other Agencies

The County’s primary goal remains implementation of the Countywide Vision,, by convening conversations on community collaboration and collective action, and supporting the work of the Vision element groups.



1. Implement the Countywide Vision

a. Continue the County role of convening conversations on community collaboration

and collective action.

b. Continue to promote the Countywide Vision and support the Element Groups.

2. Create, Maintain and Grow Jobs and Economic Value in the County

a. Focus on training and employment for the unemployed and underemployed,

developing a more highly-educated and trained workforce.

b. Continue business retention and expansion programs while implementing office

and industrial attraction strategies for companies providing high-paying jobs.

c. Provide stable governmental leadership, consistent decision-making and efficient

processing to inspire confidence in investors and ensure a business-friendly


d. Compete globally, regionally and locally for businesses and investment.

e. Utilize County programs and resources to support the local economy, maximize

job creation and promote tourism.

3. Improve County Government Operations

a. Maintain clear lines of authority and clarity in terms of roles, responsibilities and

governance of all County departments and programs.

b. Develop an approach to evaluate the performance of department heads who

report to the Board.

c. Continue to develop and maintain consistent messaging for the organization.

d. Ensure that employees know that they and their work are valued.

e. Monitor and evaluate operations and implement strategies to continually improve

efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration.

4. Operate in a Fiscally-Responsible and Business-Like Manner

a. Develop a long-term budget plan which brings County operations into both fiscal

and programmatic balance, including full funding of reserves for infrastructure

and operating system maintenance and replacement.

b. Invest County resources in ways which create more ongoing revenue to reinvest

in maintaining and improving services.

c. Eliminate silos and consolidate and centralize administrative functions, including

financial management and oversight.

d. Implement information management best-practices that will fully utilize available

technology, unify platforms and move toward a standardized enterprise


5. Ensure Development of a Well-Planned, Balanced, and Sustainable County

a. Ensure that the County’s approach to development recognizes the diverse

character of County unincorporated areas.

b. Work collaboratively with cities on zoning and development standards in their

spheres of influence.

c. Prioritize investments in services and amenities for County unincorporated


6. Provide for the Safety, Health and Social Service Needs of County Residents

a. Partner with County and non-County agencies and maximize the use of Federal

and State programs and funding to address the public health, safety and social

service needs of County residents and move participants to self-sufficiency.

b. Support efforts to improve the capacity of non-profit organizations to help

address the needs of County residents.

7. Pursue County Goals and Objectives by Working with Other Agencies

a. Work with Federal, State and regional governments and organizations, to ensure

San Bernardino County receives its fair share of resources.

b. Collaborate with other agencies to help shape legislation and regulations which

affect the County.

c. Maintain close working relationships with cities, tribes and other governmental


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