Board Approves Contract with Nurse Union

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By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a two-year agreement with the union representing County nurses, expanding the County’s ability to hire experienced nurses and continuing to allow the County to temporarily reassign nurses to meet patient needs and mandated staffing ratios.

“This agreement shows that the County places great value in our dedicated nurses and recognizes that nurses are an invaluable asset to the County and the community and are key to achieving the Countywide Vision,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman James Ramos.

Talks between the union and the County began in November 2013. The union and County negotiators reached agreement last month. The agreement runs through July 21, 2017

The agreement includes:

* Restructuring the existing salary schedule for the Nurses Unit, including providing a step adjustment for certain classifications, establishing sub-steps below the current step 1 for certain classifications, moving certain classifications to new groups, and freezing the rate for level I classifications.

* Authorizing Human Resources to adjust salary steps or rates to maintain equity or prevent undue hardship.

* Adding a new non-longevity step and a new 30-year longevity step in year two for the Nurses Unit.

* Expanding the ability for advanced step hiring by establishing that nurses may be hired up to top non-longevity step based on prior nursing experience.

* Providing two, one-time retention incentive payments of up to 1 percent base pay after year one and year two of the MOU to eligible employees.

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