Supervisor Ramos Advocates for Local Control of Child Safety Zones and Increased Court Funding

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By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)- Supervisor Ramos spent the day in Sacramento advocating on behalf of Senator Connie Leyva’s proposed legislation, SB 267 Keep our Kids Safe Act of 2015. The bill, which was amended April 6, 2015, states that local agencies are not preempted by state law from enacting ordinances that restrict registered sex offenders who have committed crimes against children from being present around child safety zones including schools, parks, day care centers, or other locations where children regularly gather. The legislation was drafted as a response to the recent court ruling stating that local jurisdictions are preempted by state law from enacting further restrictions on known sex offenders

Supervisor Ramos was also in Sacramento to advocate for increased court funding. The Board of Supervisors had previously discussed the issues of inadequate funding and closures of courts in San Bernardino County. The Board then adopted a resolution in support for efforts to work with the State Legislature, cities, and other stakeholders to secure equitable funding that is consistent with our court’s workload in order to ensure that residents continue to have unobstructed access to justice.

“In recent years, San Bernardino has gained a lot of momentum,” Chairman Ramos stated. “It is important that we keep that momentum going by continuing to voice our concerns to our state representatives.”

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