VVWRA Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for Apple Valley Sub-regional Water Reclamation Plant


By Nolan P. Smith

Photos provided by VVWRA.

(Apple Valley)— The Apple Valley community came out this Thursday for the groundbreaking ceremony held by the VVWRA for the new Sub-Regional Water Reclamation plant in the Apple Valley. The Sub-regional Water Reclamation Plants is key to the future of water management in the High Desert. Once completed, it will produce more than 1000 acre-feet of recycled water every year; water that can be used for landscaping, irri­gation and farming, thus saving precious drinking water.


This is the second of two groundbreaking ceremonies, as the Hesperia ground-breaking ceremony was held last month. The idea for the sub-regional water reclamation plants was first conceived in a VVWRA board meeting in June of 1992. Over the past 22 years, the Board of Commissioners and VVWRA staff has worked hard to develop an environmentally sustainable project that promotes future economic growth in the Victor Valley. Of the $12 million dollars in grants received, $5 million dollars resulted through the Integrated Planning Process for water resources by partnering with local water agencies, which was led by the Mojave Water Agency. The Apple Valley and Hesperia sub-regional water reclamation plants will go a long way in providing much needed water to an area that averages only 6 inches of rain annually and has been in a severe drought for several years.


Construction on the Apple Valley and Hesperia water reclamation plants will create local jobs while the addition of a source of non-potable water promises to promote regional job growth in the future. For more information, contact David Wylie at (760) 523-1781 or by email at dwylie@vvwra.com.


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