Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. Customers Given 28% Reduction Target for Water Use


By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– The State Water Resources Control Board is requiring customers of Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. to reduce water usage by 28% from usage in 2013.  This comes after the mandatory statewide water restrictions put in place by Governor Brown in response to the severe drought conditions.

California is currently facing one of the worst droughts on record and on April 1st, Governor Brown imposed water restrictions, which ordered a statewide reduction in urban water use of 25%.  Officially, this is the fourth year of the drought and there is a record-low snowpack, but the conditions of the drought have been felt throughout California for far longer.

The State Water Resources Control Board established a conservation standard for each urban water supplier in the state based on per capita residential usage in 2014.  Since the gallons of water used per person per day measurement does not take into account rainfall, temperature, humidity and population density, the State Water Resources Control Board discourages comparisons between water suppliers.

“We are reaching out to all our customers and making them aware of the necessity to reduce water usage and letting them know that we are here to help,” said Norma Armenta, Water Conservation Coordinator at Ranchos Water.  “Many of our customers have done and continue to do their part, but we need to still get others on board.  Conservation is no longer voluntary; it has become mandatory.  We are required to have a reduction of 28% and we can accomplish it by working together.

“The new round of mandatory water restrictions presents a formidable challenge.  To be successful will take all of us working together and in many cases will require many of us to change our habits and lifestyles”, said Tony Penna, Ranchos’ General Manager.

For more information on Ranchos Water, as well as conservation tips, contact Ranchos Water at (760) 247-6484 or visit them online at

About Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company

Apple Valley Ranchos Water Co. delivers reliable, quality water service to about 63,000 people, in the Town of Apple Valley and parts of San Bernardino County.  Ranchos Water is a subsidiary of Park Water Co., based in Los Angeles County, which provides contracted and regulated water utility services.  In addition to Ranchos Water, Park Water owns Mountain Water Co. serving Missoula, Montana.  Park Water and its subsidiaries provide safe, reliable drinking water service to approximately 300,000 people.  Additional information about Ranchos Water can be found by visiting and

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