A History of Mother’s Day


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)–Although the roots of celebrations and 
feast days can be traced back to 
ancient Greek and Roman times, the 
more recent history of Mother’s Day 
started in 17th century England. The 
fourth Sunday of Lent was set aside 
to honor mothers. After services 
devoted to the Virgin Mary, children 
would present flowers and gifts to 
their own mothers.

The idea of an official holiday in the 
United States was Julia Ward Howe’s 
in 1872. She started rallying mothers 
against war, and celebrated June 2nd 
as being dedicated to peace. She 
brought some notoriety to the effort, as 
she was the writer of the famous Civil 
War anthem “Battle Hymn of the 

Although she, and others like Anna 
Jarvis, worked tirelessly to establish a 
Mother’s Day holiday; it wasn’t until 
after WWII when commercial 
enterprises started using it as an 
occasion for spiking sales. Ms. Jarvis, 
who never had children of her own -
but is nevertheless known as the 
“Mother of Mother’s Day”, was very 
hurt to live to see the over
commercialization of the holiday.

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