Easiest Way to Improve Your Diet


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire)People often wonder how they can improve their diet without totally changing what they currently eat or eliminating their favorite foods.  Sometimes a major change is just too much of a psychological or even physical hurdle to making a big commitment.  The good news is that it is possible to ease into a better diet and see some pretty remarkable results.

So what’s the secret?

Just start adding more fruits, leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables to your daily intake.  You should concentrate on adding these food choices, not on subtracting others.  Make an honest assessment of how much of these foods you currently eat and make a firm commitment to start eating more of them.  You can begin by eating more of your current favorites and then expanding your horizons with a little more variety.

“Many people really want to eat healthier and lose some unwanted body fat but stress out at the thought of having to make drastic changes or giving up their favorite foods and beverages. The key is to start adding more health building food. Fruits, leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables are very nutrient dense yet low calorie foods when not loaded with extra sauces, oils or fats. You can really eat a lot of them and they will fill you up, naturally leaving less room for other less desirable choices,” according to Tom Griesel, co-author of TurboCharged.

When at a restaurant, choose a salad for starters and ask for oil and vinegar on the side.  Ask what vegetables are available and request your personal favorites steamed and plain along with a favorite protein selection.  Follow this same routine when preparing meals at home.

Griesel adds, “Make your first goal to eat three pieces of fruit, three cups of leafy greens and three cups of non-starchy veggies every day.  This may seem like a lot to you but it is much easier than it sounds.  Start eating fruit for a snack or dessert.  One medium size salad covers the leafy greens.  An average order of steamed vegetables, like broccoli for example, at a restaurant could be close to three cups. Ask for a double or triple size if needed.”

Why not try building some of your meals around a large salad or mostly vegetables and eating smaller portions of protein?  You can then finish off with a bowl of fresh berries or a piece of fruit for dessert. You will most likely feel very full and surprisingly satisfied.

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