Upper Narrows Pipeline Replacement Project Update


By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– Work on VVWRA’s Upper Narrows Pipeline Replacement project is making progress. This week, workers pulled a huge, 12 ton micro-tunneling machine from the Upper Narrows tunnel.  This machine was used to drill a 60” tunnel underneath C Street eastward from 7th Street in Victorville.  A second, larger 84” tunnel was drilled from the Upper Narrows in a westerly direction, meeting the micro tunneling machine underneath C Street.

The large tunnel boring machine (TBM) was earlier dismantled and pulled from the tunnel. Those parts have been shipped back to Ohio while the TBM casing was left inside and will become a permanent part of the tunnel project. On Monday, workers pulled out the micro tunneling machine that was used to drill the tunnel under C Street via the large tunnel in the Narrows that was just completed. More equipment needs to be pulled from the tunnel, but once that is completed, workers will begin the task of placing a large pipeline within the tunnels.

The Upper Narrows Pipeline Replacement project is approximately 75 percent complete and is scheduled to be finished at the end of August.  The tunnels underneath 7th Street and C Street in Old Town Victorville have been completed.  Excavation on a third tunnel in the Upper Narrows has also been completed. These tunnels will eventually be home to large pipelines that will carry wastewater from Hesperia, Apple Valley, Victorville and Spring Valley Lake.

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