Choose Your Path and Never Quit


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – “If you are reading this you have the opportunity to make a memory. No matter what your state is at the moment, you can decide that this will be your best time. Just try. Live life with much love.”

These are the words of Charles Porter: mixed media artist, poet, actor, philosopher, former collegiate athlete and author of a new book Choose Your Path, along with Mr. William L. Hill, III.

Porter is the real deal. He starred in the leading role in the classic ESPN film Wendell Scott: A Race Story, about the first black NASCAR driver. Mr. Porter enjoys many other acting credits as well, was featured in a modeling spread in Italian Vogue, and is a previously published author. Yet, most notably among Mr. Porter’s credits is the fact that he’s a cancer survivor who lived cancer-free for four years.

Now, there’s considerable poignancy associated with the release of Choose Your Path. Less than a month ago, Mr. Porter received news that his cancer has returned. Today he has once again geared up to walk his path and fight the fight.

Choose Your Path is a compilation of thoughts, poetry and pure inspiration for anyone and everyone. As Porter points out, there is a moment when you realize that there have been and always will be any number of paths you can choose to take. Yet, they ultimately lead to the destination where you are now. No one has ever taken your exact route before you, and no one will ever after you. Your life’s path is yours and yours alone. Mr. Porter inspires us to “Blaze a trail and learn about the man or woman that you have become. Then share your stories with the world to inspire the next ‘one of one’.”

Each page is crisp, noteworthy and thought provoking. Choose Your Path reaffirms that humans were born with a purpose: That feeling inside that keeps us awake at night should be acknowledged and, if reasonable, pursued.   Each pages coaxes the reader softly to love ourselves while reminding us that trying to be the best that we can be is never a bad mission.   Choose Your Path is a heartfelt, insightful collection of thoughts that tell us to be ourselves — our own special one-of-one that can choose the direction desired in life.   Page after page is filled with motivation and vision. The words shy away from the ‘every man for himself’ way of thinking and gently encourage a new voice and kinder way that is grounded in love and encouragement for all as the pathway for growth and our sustainability.

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